Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Got Mica?

Got Mica ?

Stop fishing around for the right embellishment
Get  Mica

A passion for everything quilty and Fabric and  an obcession with making everything  a bit different from everyone elses has led me to playing with USArt Quest products .  A working relationship with Susan Pickering Rothamel has led to a lovely friendship and some pretty incredible little quilted wall art.  This piece started as a very simple, yet elegant  little quilt that measured  about 11 inches by 16 inches.  The fabrics were rather pale hand dyed cotton.  As always, they are completely quilted by machine and the binding has been applied when I take them to Susan and say, "OK" what are going to do to make this stand out in the crowd.

As you can see it will now stand out in a crowd,  the collage fish is made of polymer clay and sits in a bed of larger pieces of  geometric shapes of Mica,  which allows the color and the detail of the fabric and the quilting lines to show through,  making it add to the surface elements, not subtract from them.  Below that are small to medium Mica Rings which are a host for smaller Mica Flakes which add to the under water look.  All of this is held in place with Perfect Paper Adhesive, which isn't just for paper. 


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