Thursday, November 24, 2011

Becky tells you what Tuesdays are all about

Tuesday is deffinitely not my favorite day of the week.  After much serious thought I think I've got it figured out.  On Monday, the day that sherry calls the first day of the week, there is so much activity in this house.  Sherry is running up and down the stairs and carrying laundry baskets.  Picking up the rugs I am standing on and wisking them out doors, after a minute or two she comes back into the house and puts the very cold and sometimes sort of wet rug back and puts it down on the floor.  Yuck, all that work I had put into making it my special place has been shaken off and replaced with... well who knows what she really does with it outside.

      Sherry doesn't play with me on Monday, but I can deal with all of this because at least she is here, which I can't say about Saturday and Sunday.  It seems that on Saturday and Sunday she and Normie are out having fun with that suitcase and the bag of glass that  she is always playing with.  Sometimes she even takes the stack of little quilts with her,  that is really awful because there is a bare spot on my table and I like to look at pretty things,  have you ever seen a stack of little quilts,  think of it as a "short stack" of  pancakes with yummy stuff on top.  Sherry calls it "embellishment" but it is better than that, it sparkles and wiggles and.. oh well, I'm getting off on a tangent. 

Let me get to my point,  it seems to me that Tuesday should be my day, they should play with my string, but oh no.  She start the day in the glass studio, and she won't let me go in there while she is cutting glass because when I jump up on the table to see the sparkly glass that she calls "dichro" she is afraid that I will cut my feet, so she closes the door.  then after she is in that room for an hour or so, she comes out and goes right to the sewing machine where she keeps my little bottle of "Kitty Cookies", she opens it and gives me one,  well no, she doesn't exactly give it to me, I have to work for it.  First I have to play with the thread and try to pull it out of the needle or one of the thread guides, I have to entertain her with my antics for at least five minutes before she finally gets out a little cookie and throws it on the floor.  This goes on all day, couldn't she just give me the cookie and let me lay there on the sewing extension table and be close to my favorite person.  She is always pushing me off the soft fabric.  I love the colors, and the batting and the way it moves under her hands. 

     Up down, up down, this goes on all day til she finally goes up to start dinner.  For pity sakes,  you see, I like to be spontaneous,  play a bit take a nap in the sun. sit on somebodys lap and take long naps, wait, lest  you should get the idea  that all I do is nap, I really work hard keeping these people from getting bored.  I will smile and have fun on Tuesdays when Sherry quits sewing and playing with glass all day Tuesday